Qnext 3.0.7

A one-stop platform for sharing everything


  • Allows you to import multiple IM clients


  • Not easy to understand at first
  • Interface looks very Windows

Very good

Qnext uses Peer to Peer (P2P) technology to enable you to share and communicate with friends and contacts from one single platform.

It's designed for those that have multiple Instant Messenger (IM) accounts and don't want to have to switch between each one or those, using several different applications to share and exchange data. Once you've installed Qnext, you need to sign-up for an account. This takes a minute or so depending on how much private data you want to divulge.

Once logged-in, you're presented with the main interface where you can choose to import contacts from IM accounts such as MSN, Jabber and Yahoo. You can change your status within Qnext so that it applies to all of your IM clients in one go. Qnext was strictly for paying subscribers only in version 2 but this version is completely free but you have to tolerate a certain amount of advertising along the top banner.

It has to be said that Qnext isn't the easiest program to get to grips with however. There are no setup wizards to show you how to import photos and files, let alone share them. In addition, the interface has a distinctly Windows feel about it.

Qnext is a nice idea but it's not the most straightforward sharing client to get to grips with and the interface could do with a lot of work.



Qnext 3.0.7

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