Connect to all your instant messengers at once

Our Universal Instant Messenger keeps you connected to all popular IM's, you can also Talk Online anywhere around the world for free, host a live Video Conference or Transfer Files of any size with complete security.

But the closer you look, the better it gets. Qnext allows you to create private, shared environments called Zones where invite other users to securely share your content and online services. A Zone can contain exciting services such as File Sharing, Group Text Chat, Photo Sharing and Live Online Games. You can also connect with other users around the world using Qnext's IRC service. Our Jukebox service gives you private access to streaming music without the hassle of downloading files. And this is just the beginning - Qnext will be offering many new services to enhance your online experience.

We have also included a powerful remote access service that gives you fast, easy and secure access to your computer from anywhere in the world using QnextMyPC.

  • Stay connected to your online buddy lists on other IM clients
  • High level security using 192-bit data encryption
  • Fast, direct P2P connections between users
  • Easy content and service sharing using Qnext Zones
  • Permission-based sharing between friends
  • Multi-language support
  • Personalize Qnext with downloadable skins



Qnext 3.0.5

User reviews about Qnext

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    "Run on Maemo (n900)?"

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  • Matt Perkins

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  • Matt Perkins

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    "Great File Sharing Instant Messenger But Bulky"

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  • tad.jason

    by tad.jason

    "Qnext is the future of IM"

    I downloaded Qnext by happen chance. I travel A LOT for my job and I like to be able to see and hear my wife at nigh...   More.

  • anthony_s

    by anthony_s

    "Qnext 2.3"

    Qnext is worth downloading, if only for IM. The other services (File Sharing, Photo Sharing, File Transfer, etc.) are...   More.